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It’s easy to think that all website hosting providers are created equal. They all provide a service that, on a fundamental level, seems similar across various providers. Many providers offer free domains, many promise high uptime ratios and many have similar pricing structures. 

But while hosting offerings may seem similar on the surface, if you look a little closer you will start to see the distinguishing factors that separate an average hosting provider from a good one. Here are a few of the key factors you should examine when deciding where to turn for hosting. 

Fast Performance 

On a basic level, does your hosting provider deliver fast enough performance to meet your needs? Let’s say you have a WordPress site, and you log into WP Admin daily to update or view your blog posts, or to manage an online store. If that experience is unnecessarily slow because of hosting speed limitations, you are going to spend a lot of time waiting for pages to load, cumulatively. A few extra seconds per load might not seem like a lot, but the difference between a four-second load time and a two-second load time becomes apparent over time. 

When you apply that same logic to your website visitors and consider the amount of time they will spend waiting for pages to load, collectively, the benefits of fast hosting performance become even clearer.   

To that end, the Bluehost team is always looking for ways to improve our hosting speed, and we recently made updates that resulted in a significant hosting improvements. More on that later. 

eCommerce Capabilities 

If you want to sell online or are already doing so, you should work with a hosting provider that supports your eCommerce ambitions. You want 24/7 store support, unlimited products, WooCommerce functionality, easy-to-access traffic analytics, email marketing tools and other capabilities that make it easier for you to run your online store. 

When checking out a hosting provider, be sure to explore their eCommerce offerings and see what their online store packages include. You want to work with a provider that offers everything you need under one roof and has packages available that suit your needs on both the hosting and eCommerce fronts. 

Everyday Convenience 

Running your website shouldn’t be difficult; it should be easy and convenient for you to do every day, even on the go. A big part of that is your provider’s dashboard; do they have a convenient, all-in-one dashboard that enables you to build and manage your website with ease? Look into that before signing up.  

You should also think about support. Your hosting provider should offer 24/7 support from experts who understand your needs and can help you not just build your website, but also grow and manage it for years to come. Ultimately, support is about making things more convenient for you every day, so make sure the support your hosting provider offers matches your needs. 

WordPress Optimization 

The optimal WordPress website experience necessitates dedicated WordPress hosting. If you’re on WordPress, you’ll want to check to make sure that any potential hosting provider offers hosting packages designed specifically for the platform, by experts that understand WordPress. If that provider has a variety of WordPress hosting plans available, that’s even better.  

Features to look out for include: 

  • WordPress-optimized performance that delivers better results than traditional hosting options. 
  • Bundled site analytics options, such as Jetpack. 
  • SEO, email marketing and social media tools. 
  • A convenient marketing management dashboard, so you can track your marketing efforts with ease. 
  • Unlimited themes. 

Bluehost Hosting Improvements 

At Bluehost, we understand that speed matters when it comes to hosting. We care about your needs, and we want you and your users to have the best possible website experience.  As part of that commitment, we recently implemented platform optimizations resulting in major hosting improvements. The result? Server response times that are up to 70 percent faster. 

These hosting improvements, especially speed add up over time and could make a big difference for both you and your website’s visitors. Whether you are a WordPress veteran or just building your first website, our hosting improvements will give you a better, faster site experience every time you log into WP Admin and ensure your users are able to load your pages even more quickly and smoothly. 

As a trusted web hosting provider since 2003, we provide innovative hosting solutions that optimize WordPress websites for speed, performance and design. Coupled with our 24/7 support, affordable packages, world-class security and comprehensive suite of web tools, it’s easy to see why over 2 million websites are powered by Bluehost.  

Turn to us for all your hosting needs and see for yourself how the right hosting provider can make all the difference. 

Tiffani is the Content and Social Marketing Manager for the Bluehost brand. She has a passion for creating engaging content, SEO and social media!

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