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Are you looking at creating a blog, website or an online store? Bluehost has something for everyone. Get started today.

Building beautiful, useful and fully-custom websites at Bluehost is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to our new WordPress Onboarding. We’ve made it our mission to help site owners assemble a professional-looking website with powerful features, quicker than ever.  

At Bluehost we’re a proud, longtime supporter of WordPress and the amazing community building the largest publishing platform on the web.  We love helping our customers combine their creativity with the flexibility of WordPress to create amazing sites, stores and blogs. 

However, it can get overwhelming with the limitless flexibility WordPress provides. We have long asked ourselves: How can we offer you the flexibility and freedom to build anything you want? How can we use our expertise and guide our customers that are looking for help? All this to ensure you can make informed choices that result in great websites! 

Our answer is our new WordPress Onboarding, available first to our Bluehost Online Store customers today! 

Bluehost WordPress Onboarding -Customizing colours

The best parts of Modern WordPress 

When you sign up with Bluehost and log in to your new WordPress site, we now help you set important WordPress settings that you’d otherwise need to find on your own. In addition, we help you assemble a custom design in a few simple steps, and fill your toolbox with trusted solutions from Bluehost and our partners. 

We’ve always offered a selection of WordPress Themes during our setup, but now you can pick a starter design, customize the colors, fonts, top menu and homepage layout using our Live Preview to see exactly how your site will look. 

Bluehost WordPress Onboarding -Themes


Previously, we included a few useful WordPress Plugins to help you get started, but now you can pick from a broader set of features — some unique to Bluehost — that work harmoniously in WordPress and on our hosting platform. 

And the best part, your design is still 100% customizable in the WordPress Site Editor, ready to be enhanced with WordPress Plugins, and ready to grow with you from idea to runaway success. 

Pulling back the magic curtain

Bluehost WordPress Onboarding -Curtain


So, what’s happening behind the scenes? 

We build a custom, lean WordPress Block Theme for you that’s fast, secure and ready to be customized the way you’d like. We use the Core Blocks built into WordPress so your site always benefits from the latest and greatest. 

We install trusted WordPress Plugins to provide features that power your store (WooCommerce and our YITH product suite), contact forms and more. 

Every site needs starter pages which are now inserted, like an About page, Contact page and Homepage so your content gets a designer’s touch. 

Finally, we try to help you avoid repetitive tasks like entering your social media URLs and building website menus. 

Is this a custom website builder on top of WordPress? 
Nope! Every decision you make in our Onboarding can be adjusted in the WordPress Site Editor. But we think our Onboarding is a great companion to ease into Modern WordPress site designs. Our goal is to let you customize everything – but be your time-saving partner. 

Will my website only work with Bluehost? 
We think your website will work best with Bluehost. However, it’s still a standard WordPress site that you can extend, modify and backup to your heart’s content.  

If you choose features or services that are bundled with your Bluehost plan when you sign up, these features may only work at Bluehost. However, we believe in earning and maintaining your trust, and not locking you into our platform. If you have any questions about your Bluehost plan, our support experts are always a chat or call away. 

Bluehost WordPress Onboarding -Ready site


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