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Originally designated as the country code TLD (top-level domain) for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory, the .cc domain has become popular as a generic domain option. It has now become a choice by a diverse range of businesses and individuals around the world.  

Choosing a .cc domain can offer some unique benefits, particularly if you’re searching for a fresh alternative to the more crowded .com space. This option is one of the alternative domain extensions that can help you stand out with a distinctive and memorable web address that’s still familiar and easy to manage. 

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Key benefits of a .cc domain name  

The .cc domain extension offers various benefits that might be beneficial for your online presence:  

  • Memorability: The .cc extension is short and easy to remember. This makes it an appealing alternative domain space for creating a unique online identity.  
  • Availability: Unlike the oversaturated .com domain, finding a desirable .cc domain is generally easier. This means you can have better branding opportunities.  
  • Versatility: The .cc domain is utilized by a lot of users, from commercial companies to creative communities. You can take advantage of this domain’s flexibility for different purposes.  
  • Global appeal: While it’s a country code domain, .cc is treated as a generic TLD in practice, making it suitable for individuals and businesses that target a global audience.  

Cons to a .cc domain extension 

However, there are potential downsides to consider:  

  • Lesser known: The .cc domain is not as widely recognized as .com, .org, or even some newer TLDs, which may affect user trust and brand recognition.  
  • Geographic confusion: As a country code TLD, some may incorrectly assume your site is based in the Cocos Islands, which could be misleading if your target audience is elsewhere.  
  • Email deliverability: Email deliverability can be a concern with .cc domains. Some email servers and spam filters might raise an eyebrow at emails coming from these domains, which could mean your messages end up in spam folders or experience delays in delivery. 

Who should buy .cc domain names?  

The .cc domain is a great choice for:  

  • Tech companies and creative studios: The ‘cc’ abbreviation can also stand for “creative content,” “creative commons,” or even “coding company,” which can be ideal for such firms. Aside from these purposes, here’s a list of other ways ‘cc’ could be used: 
  • Community centers: If your business is all about building communities and encouraging teamwork, a .cc domain could be perfect for you. It’s ideal for entities like a co-working space or cultural centers that really emphasize bringing people together and fostering collaboration. 
  • Cryptocurrency businesses: With the current trends, the abbreviation ‘CC’ could also resonate with cryptocurrency companies.  

Aside from these purposes, here’s a list of other businesses that could use the .cc domain: 

  • Carpet cleaners 
  • Catholic charities 
  • Consulting companies 
  • City councils 
  • Central committees 
  • Call centers 
  • Classic cars 
  • Country clubs 
  • Critical care establishments 
  • Chat clubs 

Websites that have the .cc domains  

The .cc domain extension has carved out its own niche on the internet by providing a unique alternative to the more familiar top-level domains. These are a few examples of websites that have embraced .cc domains: 

  • A free, multilingual online dictionary. 
  • A free online multilingual transliterator that converts Latin letters into Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian), Greek, Armenian, and Georgian alphabets instantly. 
  • An online wireframing tool designed to help you create and share basic wireframes for websites and mobile apps easily. 
  • An online tool that lets you create or download favicon.ico icons, which appear in the address bar of all browsers. 
  • A popular open-source electronic prototyping platform that makes it easy for creators to build interactive electronic projects. 

How to buy a .cc domain name  

Find a reliable company that provides domain registration services. Follow these steps on how to register a .cc domain at Bluehost:  

  1. Go to our domain name search tool.  
  2. Enter your desired domain name including the .CC TLD (i.e. search for “”). Do not adjust the dropdown (it’s OK for this to show .com).
  3. If your domain name is available, it will be added to your cart. Click Proceed
  4. You’ll be given a choice to add a web hosting plan to your domain. You can either select a plan or proceed with a domain only.  
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts as you go along with your preferred choice.  

Once your purchase is complete, your .cc domain will be registered to your Bluehost account, and you can manage it along with your website through our easy-to-use control panel.  

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History of the .cc Domain Extension 

The .cc domain extension has a history that shows its rise from a country-specific label to a globally recognized domain option. Originally intended as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, it has grown beyond its geographic roots to capture the attention of entrepreneurs around the world. 

Gaining popularity 

The allure of .cc domain names began in the mid-1990s when establishing a unique digital identity became essential for businesses. Unlike the overcrowded .com and .net options, .cc domain extensions offered fresh territory. This made them an attractive choice for businesses aiming to establish a unique space online. This quality has especially appealed to numerous businesses, helping boost the popularity of the .cc domain extension. 

What is a .cc domain name?  

A .cc domain is a top-level domain initially designated for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands but is widely used also for various purposes.  

Is a .cc domain legit?  

Yes, the .cc domain is a legitimate TLD recognized and overseen by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  

Why is a .cc domain so popular?  

It has gained traction due to its availability, memorability, and the versatility it offers for different types of users.  

What are the benefits of a .cc domain?  

Benefits include the potential for unique branding, relatively high availability of names, and its suitability for diverse applications.  

What are the cons of a .cc domain?  

Potential drawbacks include lower recognition compared to more mainstream TLDs, possible geographic misconceptions, and email deliverability hurdles.  

Purchase a domain with a solid domain registrar today! 

If you’re seeking a new alternative domain space that stands out from the common choices while offering flexibility and memorability, a .cc domain may suit your needs. However, you should still weigh the potential for geographic confusion and lesser recognition against the creative and unique branding opportunities it presents. Despite this, the creative and unique branding opportunities that come with a .cc domain can definitely make it worth considering for your online presence. 

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