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WordPress is a powerful and popular platform that powers more than 65.1% of all websites with knowable content management systems. That accounts for 42.7% of all websites on the Internet.

Ease of use is undoubtedly one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular. But even so, there may come a time when you run into a problem and need help with your WordPress website.

Here’s the good news:

One of the best things about WordPress is its lively community. There are many websites, communities, and resources run by WordPress developers and enthusiasts that you can turn to when you need answers to any of your WordPress questions.

In this post, we’ll highlight the best resources to get help with WordPress and shine a spotlight on the amazing WordPress community.

Where To Get WordPress Help

Final Thoughts: Spotlight on the WordPress Community and Where To Get Help

Where To Get WordPress Help

Below you’ll find the best resources for getting help with WordPress, from detailed tutorials to finding quick answers and fixes for your WordPress problems.

1. Official Support Forums

The official WordPress support forums

One of the first places to look for help is the official WordPress support forums. They have a variety of resources to point you in the right direction. In fact, in many cases, you might even find the answer to your question by simply searching for the appropriate topic.

2. Bluehost Blog

The Bluehost Blog

Our blog is another excellent resource for learning more about WordPress. You’ll find plenty of tutorials, guides and articles to help you learn more about different WordPress features.

We want to help you make WordPress work for you and build a powerful website for your business.

3. WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex describes itself as the online manual for WordPress. It has detailed instructions for installing and working with WordPress.

In addition, you’ll find definitions and usage examples for nearly every WordPress function and hook as well as detailed guides for developing your themes and plugins.

4. Stack Exchange

WordPress Stack Exchange

If you can’t find the answer to your question using one of the official resources, WordPress Stack Exchange is your next best bet.

Although geared towards WordPress developers and administrators, this is a great resource if you want to take your WordPress skills to the next level and dive into WordPress development.

5. WordPress Learn Page

The official WordPress Learn Page

This is another official WordPress resource with plenty of workshops and lesson plans to help you master WordPress.

You can browse the workshops by topics and language, and if you’re feeling confident in your WordPress skills, you can even contribute with a workshop yourself.6. YouTube Channels

6. YouTube Channels

The Create WP Site YouTube Channel

If you’re more of a visual learner, numerous YouTube channels focus on delivering content around WordPress. A few notable mentions include:

  • Create WP Site — you’ll find plenty of tutorials covering all kinds of topics related to building a website with WordPress.
  • WPLearningLab — On this channel, you’ll find tutorials that focus on WordPress fundamentals and take you through to advanced skills.
  • Darrel Wilson — another channel with plenty of tutorials about WordPress, plugin and theme reviews and WordPress news updates.
  • WPTuts — This channel has WordPress tutorials as well as some specific WooCommerce tutorials if you want to learn more about customizing your online store.

7. Online Communities

rWordPress on Reddit

Lastly, there are plenty of online communities where you can not only get help and answers to all your WordPress questions but also socialize with other WordPress users.

These include Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, Reddit communities, and Quora. Here are a few communities worth exploring and joining:

Final Thoughts: Spotlight on the WordPress Community and Where To Get Help

Whether you’re a complete WordPress beginner or a more experienced user, there is a wealth of information and resources out there about WordPress. The best place to start would be the official documentation, Bluehost blog and support forums.

If you’re looking to grow and expand your knowledge, check out YouTube channels and the WordPress Learn page. And if you need an immediate answer to a pressing question, try asking in one of the online communities mentioned in this article.

Best of luck!

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