Which Bluehost Hosting Package Is Right for You?

Before you can launch a new website, you need to make a few decisions, like choosing a platform, picking a domain name, and deciding which Bluehost hosting package is right for your blog or small business. There are various options when it comes to web hosting services, so let’s discuss the four most common:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most commonly used service available today. With shared hosting, many clients share one server. While it may seem like sharing space takes control out of your hands, you never relinquish any control over your website. You always get unlimited network bandwidth. Basic service, like the Pro and Plus service packages, come with one free domain registration per year. Standard features across all three service levels include: site backup, database tables, and MySQL databases. Rates start at less than $8 per month, depending on length of service contract.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides all the features of a dedicated server (including the look and feel) at the price point of shared packages. Our Managed WordPress hosting (a service in which your web hosting provider keeps your WordPress installation up to date), for example, is a virtual dedicated server offering. Built on cPanel, all services come with a custom interface that supports effortless management with additional tools and functionality. Plus, you get one-click installs for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.
There are four service tiers: Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate. Monthly network bandwidth ranges from 1 TB (Standard) up to 4 TB (Ultimate). Every account comes with one included domain name and 24/7 superior tech support. SAN storage doubles with every tier starting at 30 GBs. Affordable add-ons — like extra IP addresses and up 1000 GBs SAN storage — give you the flexibility to expand services rapidly.
Upgrades to the backend provide a clean, no-clutter interface that makes it easy for non-techie users to navigate their way through site management. Self-service educational tools and help desk staffers, who know everything there is to know about WordPress, ensure that VPS clients never have to worry about spending hours online finding tips and tools to get their business website up and running.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting services where there are literally thousands of clients sharing a single service, a dedicated web hosting service is truly 1:1 resource allocation. If your business has high-volume website traffic or needs to support multiple, complicated cloud-based applications, this is the ideal package for you and your customers.
The minimum features include 4 GB RAM, 3 IP addresses, a huge list of server resources, and 1 TB of disk space. Plus, customers who want the freedom to configure the server to fit their own business needs and goals have full root access permission to CentOS. Custom-built dedicated servers are built on performance equipment — OpenStack, KVM, Intel Xeon, etc. And you never have to worry about getting trapped in a go-nowhere, long-term contract because you can cancel your service and get a full refund within the first thirty days if the dedicated hosting package does not live up to expectations. After the first month, cancellations are refunded on a prorated basis.

Cloud Hosting

If you’re looking for a service package that is fast, simple, and reliable and offers both scalability and flexibility, consider cloud hosting. Because your website is automatically mirrored across three unique devices, you’ll never have to worry about downtime. Should hardware fail or develop a problem, one copy will continue functioning while the other two copies work to correct the issues.
Starter services come with 100 GB, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPUs with prices starting under $5. Both Performance and Business Pro packages offer unmetered storage and 4 GB or 6 GB RAM respectively. Amp up your cloud space as your business grows with just one click and enjoy the automated, seamless migration from shared hosting services to the cloud in minutes. A flexible à la carte menu lets you add CPU and RAM as you need it, so you’re never paying for power that you aren’t using.
Remember that with one Bluehost account you can host multiple websites (you just have to cover the cost of domain names). And speaking of domain names, did you know that your domain name can offer the highest long-term return on investment (ROI) from your website — even more than first-year profit margins and sales? While driving traffic to your site is the primary goal that business owners focus on when creating a domain name, it’s important to think about the future, too. For example, domain sherpa Page Howe invested $100,000 in Seniors.com and just six years later sold that name for $1.8 million. Now that’s an ROI everyone can appreciate!

Choosing the Service Package that Fits Your Business Model

As you can see, all our services have standard performance features that put you in control of your website — and your budget. The correct hosting service package for your brand depends on your business model and your financial constraints. If you have a high-traffic website, a dedicated server is probably better suited to your needs than a shared service plan, but you can always upgrade later if you want to start with a VPS.
If you want to virtually eliminate long load times, consider our newest service: cloud-based hosting. Built on premium hardware and low-density servers, you can be confident that your resources are focused precisely where you need them to be. Plus, you can manage your website content more efficiently than ever before.
Bluehost technicians can help you compare each service package in depth if you have more questions. We succeed when our clients succeed, so our No. 1 goal is finding the web hosting plan that best fits your business model and empowers you with advance technology and resources to grow on your terms. Simply reach out to our team by calling +1 (855) 803-8156 or chat with us online.

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