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Now that you’ve published your WordPress blog, it’s time to start managing the comments for your site visitors. One of the best parts of creating your WordPress site is getting to engage and interact with visitors leaving comments on your blogs. As you begin receiving comments on your site, you can check the status of comments quickly by looking at the admin dashboard or the left navigation menu.

Comments are an essential part of any website because it demonstrates how visitors are interacting with your site. People can express their thoughts, opinions, and ask you any questions that they may have about your content, products, or services. When a user comments on the screen it shows up on the comments page of your admin dashboard.

When you log in, the dashboard’s “Activity,” box will show you the status of your comments. You can hover over a comment to decide whether to approve, reply, or delete it before it appears publicly on your page. There can be pros and cons to allowing blog comments on your page, but each individual comment should be evaluated on case by case basis.

recent comments dashboard.png


  • Strengthen the relationship with your readership through engaging in comments.
  • Use blog comments to help build your personal brand.
  • Comment back to readers in an effective and timely manner.
  • Use visitor comments to create potential leads and conversions for your site.


  • Engage with trolls, bullies, or inappropriate comments.
  • Over moderate your comments.
  • Make it difficult to leave a blog comment with excessive authentication forms.
  • Let spam comments build up.

Feel free to engage with your visitors, ask questions, and use any feedback given to help improve the user experience on your site. Whether you’re writing a listicle, blog post, or create a product page, comments reflect that people are engaged and interested in your content. As your website grows, you’ll have opportunities to cultivate an audience that will create a discussion on your blogs.

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  1. Nice article! Recently i started working on my WordPress blog and this article will help me to manage all comment. Thanks for share and curious to get more post like this.

  2. Shrayan lakhna Reply

    thanks for helpful post to manage the blog comments. Well i need to know how i can remove the website section in comment box?

  3. USA Gadget Review Reply

    thanks for sharing this blog. I really found it useful and informative. keep on sharing it.

  4. Betty Pfeiffer Reply

    is there a way I can be notified that a reader has sent me a comment by an email alert? I don’t check WordPress every day.

    • Kyle Bombardier Reply

      Definitely! To get email alerts for new comments, swing by your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Discussion and tick the ‘Email me whenever’ options. This setup sends you a heads-up whenever there’s a new comment. No need to log in daily to stay updated. Cheers to easier blogging!

  5. Sir, Thank you so much for sharing this useful and valuable article. This article is informative.

  6. Thank you for these tips Desiree! They are very helpful and will be keeping them in mind when it comes to my blog

  7. John Fernandez Reply

    Thanks for the article! Was necessary learning about managing blog comments.

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