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Vanessa “Oma” Nzeh is a doctor, mother, blogger, and social influencer who champions those around her to “live fearlessly” by embracing and conquering the challenges life can bring. In 2008, Oma started blogging on Tumblr and quickly discovered that her readers were connecting and responding to her unique story. This inspired Oma to start creating content that would resonate with people and in 2017 she evolved her blog into a brand named, Fearlessly Oma. Fearlessly Oma is a lifestyle blog where Oma shares the beauty of her experiences as a wife, mother, doctor, and world traveler. We sat down with Oma to discuss her business goals, blogging, and how she finds community as a Black content creator.

  1. What is your favorite part of being a Black online creator? 

My favorite part of being a black online creator is sharing my story and connecting with others. If giving my story to the world can help other black women see themselves, I am honored to be able to offer that reflection.

  1. What’s your goal for Fearlessly Oma over the next year or two?

My goal this year is to continue to increase my reach and grow my audience. The pandemic has definitely been overwhelming. Especially as a full-time physician with the increased need in the hospital, but it has highlighted how much we still need to connect to others. Providing value through my blog is one way that I can do that in addition to my “day job”.

  1. As an online creator, how important do you think it is to have a web presence?

My website is an integral part of my business. As a blogger and digital content creator, my business is solely online. I create useful content both on my blog and other social media/digital platforms, but my website is my business home. This is the online real estate that I have the most control over and most accurately represents me. No matter what, my goal is always to drive traffic to my website and invite others into my digital home.

  1. In your opinion, what is the hardest aspect of business ownership?

I think the hardest part when it comes to any business is coming to terms with the fact that time is limited. Time is the elusive resource that we all wish we had more of, but I’ve learned that you have to do the best with what you have, and giving less than my best is rarely an option for me. This is why I strive to put systems in place that serve me well in my online business. This not only ensures I continue to thrive in my business, but that I thrive in the other areas of my life, including being a wife and mom.

  1. What are your 2-3 tips for other Black entrepreneurs on starting a business? 

1. Just start. Done is better than perfect.

2. Outsource. A business has many moving parts. Your passion is what invigorates you and makes up the biggest part, but maybe accounting is a huge chore for you. Outsource things like this so you can focus on the parts of your business that benefit most from your talent and your craft.

3. There is always space for your story. As I have said before, stories are how we connect with others and as a brand/entrepreneur your story is how your audience will begin to know, like, and ultimately trust you. Your audience must first “buy” into you before they will ever “buy” anything from you.

  1. What is your advice on overcoming adversity with respect to your platform as a Black business, Doctor, and online creator?

Seek out mentors and build a tribe around you. Adversity is not going anywhere. It is inevitable on the journey to success and achievement, but surrounding yourself with the guidance and support of others is the “not-so” secret weapon to overcome these roadblocks. You cannot elevate to your fullest potential without the invaluable resources and cheers from your home team.

  1. What were your top 5 reasons for starting your blog while working full-time as a doctor?
  1. I needed a creative outlet. My platform is a special place that I get to discover and express myself.
  1. Self-growth. This is the ultimate by-product of self-discovery and self-expression.
  1. To document my life. Looking back on my old posts and how far I have come has actually been a welcome treat. These special moments are forever archived.
  1. Serving and providing value to others. I am grateful to be able to inspire others with my own journey and what I have learned by making mistakes along the way.
  1. Meet and connect with others. Not just my audience, but the blogger and content creator community at large. I have met some amazing people that may not have met if I didn’t pursue my own blog.
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