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We’re blowing out the candles and celebrating 16 years of web hosting with our fantastic employees and customers worldwide. We’re feeling sentimental, so let’s take a trip down memory lane in honor of our birthday.

Did You Know?

  • Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah
  • We are committed to WordPress and have been recommended by WordPress for over 10 years
  • Over 2 million websites worldwide are powered by Bluehost
  • Bluehost is a leading solution for open source implementation and development
  • We have employees across the world dedicated to assisting customers 24/7

Wondering what we’ve been up to since our last birthday?

Over the past year the Bluehost team has been working hard to bring new products and services to our global customer base. As we continue to build and create WordPress sites, providing users with tools and resources that can help bring their website to life is at the forefront of everything we do. We’re committed to being a reliable and trusted web host provider to everyone.

Creating world class products to help build your business

WP Pro is a managed hosting solution that has been optimized for WordPress websites and built for improved website speed and performance. All WP Pro accounts have Sitelock Fix, CodeGuard Basic, and Domain Privacy included. 

Offering free expert help

Blue Flash is a free service for all new Bluehost accounts that is designed to jumpstart the build phase of a new WordPress website. Bluehost Flash is powered by a team of WordPress experts specifically trained to assist with everything from getting started with WordPress and installing plugins to account navigation and initial set up questions.

Designing the pop-up shop of your dreams

We envisioned a perfect place where everything works and anything is possible when creating your website. From that dream, we decided to create Bluetopia in New York City. Unlock your imagination and explore our colorful rooms that are designed to help inspire you to build your WordPress website.

Writing guides to help you build better on WordPress

The Blueprint: A New User’s Guide to WordPress, launched in Spring 2019. This guide was created for people who want to learn WordPress without confusion. Our guide walks you through choosing themes, deciding which plugins to start with, understanding the editor, and tips for your first page or post in WordPress.

Creating monthly content to help your business grow

As the WordPress platform continues to update we are always striving to keep our customers informed and educated through webinars. Our content team has collaborated with the WordPress community and developers to instruct users through all the mechanics of site building. Whether we were exploring themes, giving tips on blogging, or chatting about plugins, we enjoy interacting with our customers through our monthly webinars and showcasing the power of WordPress with live demonstrations they can access from home.

Improving our ready-to-assist services

Blue Sky is a new service offered by Bluehost to help customers navigate the complex tools and functionality of WordPress. Our WordPress experts can guide a user at any skill level whether you’re just getting started with your WordPress site or using the customization features to design your ideal theme.

Streamlining Google Ad campaigns

Bluehost wants to help grow your business through search ads on Google. Google Ads by Bluehost has been designed to bring an easy-to-use professional digital advertising tool that’ll make it easier for customers to find you online and drive quality traffic to your site.

We’ve been partnering with some of our amazing customers

We love seeing how Bluehost has been able to assist customers websites grow and flourish through their understanding of WordPress. This year we decided to take a deep dive into getting to know local businesses and their website journeys. We were able to partner with these customers by completing on-site interviews and shooting videos that showcased how the success of a website and business go hand in hand.

We baked cookies live with Elisia of Teddy V Cookies

When we visited Teddy V. Patisserie based in Austin, Texas, our team was able to chat about the growth of her business while learning some pro baking tips. Elisia guided us through the art of baking and what makes her cookie company stand out from the rest. She shared how YouTube helped her learn the fundamentals of WordPress and that her biggest website accomplishment was installing her theme.

We created a special ice cream with Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams has been a customer with Bluehost since 2009 and exemplifies the power a small business can have when they build their site with WordPress. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this fantastic small business who created our special “Bluehost Birthday Batter.” This sweet treat is a vanilla cake explosion comprised of Mexican Vanilla, white cake, and a pop of blue sprinkles. 

We had a chat with Influencer, Photographer, and Small Business owner, Sasha Juliard

We were excited to partner with Sasha Juliard during our Bluetopia event in New York City. This globetrotting influencer and multi-faceted business owner sat down with our team to discuss marketing, travel, and his experience in website design. We loved hearing his journey to creating a company that helps to  provide people with access to clean water and how that is reflected in his WordPress website.

We talked fashion and the importance of authenticity with Danielle Cooper

There was no shortage of amazing people we partnered with at Bluetopia, and Danielle Cooper shared her inspiring backstory for creating her blog, She’s a Gent. She chatted with us about how she came up with the concept for her website and how it reflects who she is as a person. We were inspired by her passion and motivation for creating content that empowers others to “push back against societal norms.”

We love interacting with you all on social media! This year we were excited to add content to all of our Bluehost social channels that showcased new products, events, and partnerships. Whether we were interacting with you in our Twitter chats or answering questions in our Facebook live streams, social media continues to be a great resource for connecting with our customers.

Follow along with us through the next year as we continue to add value adding content, and engaging stories with customers and leaders across the globe. Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us!

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