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WordPress - Theme Demo Content

To begin, you will need a WordPress theme, preferably one that includes a one-click demo import. Any of the Bluehost Certified Themes should come with this feature. Check for this detail in the list of features before you decide which theme to buy.

If you’re planning to use a demo to begin your design, you can use the demos as a general guide when choosing your theme. Pick a theme with a demo that you like. To view the theme demos available for a specific theme, click Live Preview for that theme. You will be able to install any demos shown in this preview later. This can be an amazingly efficient way to get started for industry-specific or niche websites.

If you find a demo that will work, you will need to import it into your WordPress site. Due to the variety of themes available, we’ll cover two ways to import a demo:

Auto Import that Demo!

The first option is easy as long as your theme offers this functionality. We’ll use the Highend Multipurpose WordPress theme for this demo, because it features one-click demo imports from the theme dashboard.

  1. Open the Theme Options tab.
  2. Click Import Demos.
  3. Browse available demos, then click Import Demo when you decide which you would like to import.
  4. Choose which types of content you’d like to import, or select All to get the full demo.
  5. Wait for a confirmation that the import has finished. It can take some time, so be patient.
Once the demo has finished importing, you’ll have the full demo design installed on your website, ready for you to customize and replace the content with your own.

Not all themes include this in-dashboard import feature, but that's okay! You want to choose a theme that looks right for you, so the next steps will explain how to do this manually as well.

How to Manually Import a Demo Yourself

Don't let the manual part throw you off, this method is still relatively simple. In the long run, doing a little extra work here saves you a majority of the set up time in designing your own site since you get to start with a pre-built demo.
For this tutorial, we’re going to use the 'Jayo' WordPress theme, which offers a manual demo import. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once your theme has been installed and activated, click Tools, then Import.
  2. Next, locate the WordPress Importer. If you do not already have this installed, click Install, and wait for the installation to complete.
  3. Once you’re ready, click Run Importer. This will open up a page that allows you to upload a demo file.
  4. Now, locate the demo file for your theme (usually in your theme documentation or the developer’s website), and download it. For most themes, you can simply Google "Your Theme Demo Import" for instructions.

    The documentation will show you the process and direct you to a specific file in the theme folder. The theme folder contains the full package of files you received when you purchased your theme. You’ll need to find that folder first, then locate the file (in this case jayo-demo.xml). Or, if you bought your theme through Bluehost, simply log in to your account, then
    1. Go to My Sites.
    2. From Themes, click Manage.
    3. Find your theme, then click the download button, and choose the demo data file from the XML file downloaded to your computer.