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Caution: If you have existing website content, make sure to back up your current site prior to importing the new theme demo. The new demo content may overwrite or disrupt your current layout and content. If you are not happy with the new demo, the backup will allow you to revert back to your prior theme and site version.

The first option is easy and will work if your theme offers this functionality. Note that the process can differ on theme purchase but generally follows similar guidelines. We’ll use the Highend Multipurpose WordPress theme for this demo because it features one-click demo imports from the theme dashboard.

  1. Within the WordPress Dashboard, find and click on the Highend tab (in the left-side menu).
  2. Select Import Demos.
  3. Browse available demos and click Import Demo on the one you want to import.
  4. Import and install the required plugins suggested by the theme. You may also need to activate the plugins depending on the theme.
  5. Import all suggested demo content. If you are an advanced user you may wish to customize what content is imported.
  6. Wait for demo content to install as this may take some time. Please note: If the import process times out, please retry.
  7. If the import has successfully installed you may close the import window to return to the WordPress dashboard.
  8. Click the home link in the WordPress dashboard to preview your website and verify demo content was successfully installed. (Note: If you have chosen a theme with multiple demos you can change your selection by going through the demo import process again.)
  9. To start editing your site content and theme settings you will want to use the options in the WordPress menus located to the left.

Then, as simple as that, you’ll have the full demo design installed on your website, ready for you to customize and replace the content with your own.

Note: The theme you have chosen may not include a one-click demo import feature. No big deal! There is an option to manually import demo content.

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