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Getting Started with Your New Account

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You can utilize a hosting account as a strong tool to create and manage your website, as well as for email, online applications, and much more. We've got everything you need to start right here, so keep reading!

New Account Basics

Having just started? Enter your control panel and explore the menus.

Domains & DNS

A domain name and a hosting account are two necessities for a successful website. Make sure the name servers for your domain point to Bluehost if it isn't already registered here.

Build Your Site

How do you plan to create your website? You can utilize our Weebly-powered in-house site builder, set up WordPress, or browse the choices on the Mojo Marketplace. Add an FTP account and transfer your files to Bluehost if you already have a website!

Email Accounts

Create a professional email @ your domain to take charge of the reputation of your company. Once you've created an account, access your webmail or set it up to send emails to a certain email client.


Secure your website and give customers peace of mind. We offer multiple tools and products to help you maintain your website's integrity.


Use our backup tools to ensure you have a current copy of your website to back up or make changes to.


Billing Preferences

There are several ways to pay with us, and your billing history is simple to check.

Login Management

Simply enter your domain name and password on the login screen to gain access to your account. Enable two-factor authentication and single sign-on to protect your login!

Finding Help

Search our Help Desk or open a chat! We're here to help.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via Chat or Phone:

  • Chat Support - While on our website, you should see a CHAT bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Click anywhere on the bubble to begin a chat session.
  • Phone Support -
    • US: 888-401-4678
    • International: +1 801-765-9400

You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.

Did you find this article helpful?
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