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Are you looking at creating a blog, website or an online store? Bluehost has something for everyone. Get started today.

Bluehost is a top website hosting provider, powering millions of websites worldwide. We have been recommended directly by since 2005 because of our reliability and expertise in WordPress. 

So, how do you get your website on Bluehost? This article will answer a few frequently asked questions about getting a WordPress website on Bluehost.

Is WordPress free on Bluehost?

Yes! Setting up a WordPress website on Bluehost requires no additional costs. You only have to pay the hosting fee when creating your Bluehost account.

How do I install WordPress?

It is quite simple, and you can install WordPress with a few clicks! Just follow our step-by-step guide to installing WordPress. To begin, you will need to access your Bluehost control panel.

How can I build a WordPress website on Bluehost?

You can easily start building a website on Bluehost within 5 minutes. Check out our quick guide on how to start a website.

How do I move my WordPress website to Bluehost?

At Bluehost, many of our customers use WordPress hosting for their sites. So here is a step-by-step guide on moving your WordPress site from another host to Bluehost with almost no downtime. 

There are a lot of steps in this process, but if you follow them one after the other, you should be able to transfer your website in no time.

  1. To start, log into your current host and use a provided program (such as phpMyAdmin) to export your site’s database.
  2. Use your preferred FTP program (such as Filezilla or Cyberduck) to download and save your wp-content folder (a.k.a. the files that make up your WordPress site.)
  3. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  4. Install WordPress using SimpleScripts, a one-click install tool.
  5. Create an FTP account in your Bluehost control panel to upload your files to your new WordPress site folder. When creating your FTP account, remember that you might want to change its designated directory to something easily identifiable.
  6. Launch your preferred FTP program and open a new connection. Log in with your new FTP account info.
  7. Overwrite the existing wp-content folder with the one you downloaded from your previous host.
  8. Open phpMyAdmin in the Database section of your Bluehost cPanel.
  9. Select the database to which you want to import your data. You may need to look up this information. (To do so, go to the File Manager in your control panel and open your public_html folder. Then scroll down to find the wp-config file, right-click the icon, select “Code Edit,” and then “Edit.” In the code edit window, scroll down to identify the database you should use.
  10. Back in your phpMyAdmin window, once you’ve selected the correct database, you will see a list of tables. Drop these tables before you import your new data by selecting the “Check All” option at the bottom of the list and then selecting “Drop.”
  11. Now it’s time to import! Go to the “Import” tab in phpMyAdmin. Choose “Browse your computer” and find the SQL database file you exported from your previous site. (It should be named something similar to “bluepm1_wor2.sql”.) Make sure the SQL format is selected and click “Go.”
  12. Here is an important step after you import your database. After your database is imported, check to learn the new table names. If your table names begin with ‘wp_,’ you don’t need to make any changes. However, sometimes your tables will import with a name like ‘wrp-‘ Go to your file manager and open the wp-config file in your public_html folder.
  13. Right-click on wp-config, select “Code Edit,” and then select “Edit.”
  14. Scroll down until you find the line “Stable Prefix” line. Edit it to read ‘wp_.’
  15. Now that you have your database and site files, it’s time to put everything on your temporary URL. This is how you move your site without any downtime.* First, in your phpMyAdmin site, select wp-options from the menu on the left of the screen. Then, select “Edit” on the “site URL” line. (This will typically be line 1.) Next, paste in the temporary URL provided to you when you create your Bluehost account and click “Go.” (Tip: if you’re unsure what it is, it can be found in your Bluehost welcome e-mail.) *Note: all of these previous steps can help anyone move their WordPress site. The following steps are for those who want to move their WordPress site without downtime. 
  16.  Repeat step 11 for your “Home” line in wp-options. (This is typically line 36.)
  17. Now it’s time to see if your work has paid off. Enter the temporary URL into your internet browser and check if your site is there. If so, you’re nearly done!
  18. Log into your WordPress admin site to save your Permalinks. Go to “Permalinks” under the “Settings” tab of the dashboard and click “Save Changes.”
  19. Before you can move from the temporary URL to your permanent one, you must change the nameservers associated with your domain to point to Bluehost. This can be done in the domain manager of your domain registrar, whether it be with Bluehost or another registrar. For example, use the following: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM. (This indicates that your site is hosted at The DNS change can propagate anywhere from a few hours to several days. Once it is finished, you can use your domain on your new site.)
  20. Once the DNS change is complete, log into your WordPress admin site and go to “General” under the “Settings” tab. Then, enter your domain into the “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” fields, and click “Save Changes.”
  21. The last step is to enter your domain URL into your internet browser to check if your site is live. If so, then congratulations! You have successfully moved your WordPress site to Bluehost. 

Can I install WooCommerce on Bluehost?

Of course, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. That means it can be installed on any WordPress website. If you’re looking to install WooCommerce on your WordPress site, we have this step-by-step guide on how to set up an online store.

Can I run an online store on Bluehost?

Of course! We even have a WooCommerce hosting plan that was created specifically for online store owners. In addition, we help make things easier for you by including many top features in your WordPress installation. 

These features include WooCommerce installation, website traffic analytics, customer discount code, wish lists, appointments and bookings, gift cards, shipping, payment processing, and many more.

Can I disable the plugins that come with your WordPress installation?

Of course. You can deactivate such plugins yourself in your WordPress admin area. Log in to your WordPress admin area. 

From your left navigation bar, go to the Plugin tab. Here you can activate and deactivate installed plugins.

Can I host multiple websites on Bluehost?

Yes, you can host multiple websites on Bluehost. If you want to use a shared hosting plan, our Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro let you host unlimited websites.

Is Bluehost secure?

In addition to traffic encryption via our free SSL Certificate, our web hosting platform includes brute force protection on WordPress Logins, Bad Bot Detection/Deflection, and advanced Mod Security rules, all dynamic and designed to keep your website or blog safe!

Does Bluehost automatically back up my website for me?

We do offer complimentary backups for our customers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These backups are not guaranteed in any way.

We highly recommend that all Bluehost customers create and manage their backups. You can refer to this article to learn how to backup a WordPress website. For more information, please refer to our account backup policy.

Can Bluehost handle large traffic?

Yes, Bluehost servers can handle large traffic. However, we recommend using VPS or dedicated hosting for high-traffic websites.

Is Bluehost fast enough?

Speed and reliability are among the top reasons our customers choose our service so that you can rest assured.

How do I log in to my Bluehost account?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your domain name or email address as the username. It can be any domain assigned to your account.
  4. Enter your main account password.
  5. Click the login button.

This is the simplest method for logging into your Bluehost hosting account. For a detailed guide, check out our help article.

How do I navigate the Bluehost control panel?

For a detailed guide, check out our article on how to navigate the Bluehost dashboard.

What is a staging site, and how do I create one?

A staging site is a copy of your website where you can make changes that don’t alter your live website until you deploy them. Staging sites help you catch errors so you don’t end up breaking your live website. We have this step-by-step guide to creating a staging site.

What are the differences between shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting?

  1. Shared hosting means sharing a server with other website owners who also host their site on the same server. You will use the same database, bandwidth, and storage. It’s the cheapest, most accessible type of hosting.
  2. Dedicated hosting means you’re getting a server all for yourself. Nobody is allowed on that server but you. This type of hosting provides you with the most flexibility, speed, and security. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive type of hosting.
  3. VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server. Technically you still share a server with others, but you get a dedicated slice just for you. You get more storage space, bandwidth, and additional features with VPS hosting dramatically. It’s a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. Suitable for medium-large websites.

Should I choose the basic plan or the pro plan for shared hosting?

You should choose the basic plan if you only want one website. However, the plus, choice plus, and pro plans are suitable if you want to host multiple websites. You will also get more features, such as unlimited storage space for these plans.

Does Bluehost offer a free trial?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you cancel within 30 days, you will receive a full refund on your hosting service. Please note that our money-back guarantee only applies to hosting plans. It does not apply to add-on products, like domains, given the unique nature of their costs.

Does Bluehost offer free domains when I purchase a hosting plan?

Yes, every new Bluehost account includes a free new domain registration for one year.

Can I change my domain name after registration?

Yes, you can. You will need to contact us by phone or chat, and we’ll help you with that. But before you do decide to change your domain name, there are certain things you need to consider. Please refer to this help article for more information on changing domains.

Can I change my domain but keep the same content with Bluehost?

Yes, you can. Here’s a guide on manually changing your domain.

How is Bluehost’s customer support?

Excellent customer support is what we’re known for! Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help answer questions and solve your problems. Of course, you can always chat or reach us at 888-401-4678.

Does Bluehost provide any support service for my WordPress website?

Yes, of course. You can add WP Live support to your hosting account for a monthly fee. WP Live  is our team of experts who help you build and grow your website and improve your skills in WordPress. We can even build a website from scratch if you need us.

Can I change my hosting plan afterward?

You can always upgrade or even downgrade your plan from your Bluehost dashboard. Or you can contact our customer support team, and we will help you. For more information, please visit our help article about renewing your hosting. Please note that if you change your hosting plan, you will not get the discounted pricing for the plan you want to change to.

Chat or call us if you want to know more about Managed WordPress hosting, buying a domain, or any other website services. We’re here 24/7 to answer all your questions and offer advice to help you get started!

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